AIMS Center

The Adaptive Intelligent Materials and Systems (AIMS) Center is one of the premier industry-academia partnership entities established at Arizona State University. The AIMS Center was established in August 2006, with support from the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development and the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Its goal is pioneering industry-academia relationships as a self-supporting unit.

The AIMS Center’s primary focus is on conducting research and exploiting innovative and cutting-edge adaptive and intelligent technologies for transdisciplinary applications. A major aspect of the center’s operation is the development of close, mutually beneficial collaborations with industry partners to guide multidisciplinary research, develop models and solution strategies for real-world and user-driven applications, and provide networking opportunities between ASU (faculty and students) and industry.

AIMS faculty

The AIMS Center brings together the expertise of faculty members from varied disciplines such as aerospace, civil, electrical, materials science and mechanical engineering. The research expertise of the AIMS faculty includes multifunctional materials, material characterization, multiscale modeling, structural health monitoring, multidisciplinary optimization, signal processing, flexible electronics and molecular dynamics simulations.